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Agenda 2019

MicroTek / Metropolitan State University of Denver

This Pix4Dmapper Essentials workshop will introduce you to key Pix4Dmapper workflows. You will learn best practices for capturing RGB images and creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing 2D and 3D representations of reality. A series of hands-on exercises will demonstrate how to effectively work with the Pix4Dmapper solution.

- Produce accurate 2D and 3D georeferenced representations of reality, including orthomosaics and 3D models
- Acquire accurate measurements
- Share your deliverables with stakeholders

1) Introduction
2) Multi-ray photogrammetry
3) Collecting ground control points
4) Planning a drone flight with the Pix4Dcapture mobile application
5) Creating, processing, and measuring in a Pix4Dmapper Desktop project
6) Creating, processing, and measuring in a Pix4Dmapper Cloud project
7) Sharing Pix4Dmapper Desktop and Pix4Dmapper Cloud deliverables

Get to meet other users and the minds behind Pix4D’s technology in a delicious breakfast before the workshop starts.

MicroTek / Metropolitan State University of Denver

This Pix4Dmapper Essentials workshop will introduce you to key Pix4Dmapper workflows. You will learn best practices for capturing RGB images and creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing 2D and 3D representations of reality. A series of hands-on exercises will demonstrate how to effectively work with the Pix4Dmapper solution.

Present your digital ticket at the registration desk.

Christoph Strecha
CEO - Pix4D

09:00 - 09:30 - Welcome - Christoph Strecha, CEO (Pix4D)

09:30 - 09:50 - What Happens When We Get Real Automation? - Chris Anderson, CEO & Founder (3DR)

10:00 - 10:30 - Product portfolio - Lorenzo Martelletti, Director of Strategy and Products (Pix4D)

10:30 - 11:00 - Coffee break

11:00 - 11:20 - Knowledge from images: Machine learning at Pix4D - Jeff Muller, Platform Development Director (Pix4D)

11:20 - 11:40 - Pix4D new product 1 - Nathan Moore, Product Manager (Pix4D)

11:40 - 12:00 - Pix4D new product 2 - Angad Singh, Technical Sales Engineer (Pix4D)

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch break

Parallel sessions


- Mining Reclamation and Drones: Integrating UAV technology and data products into an established regulatory framework - Leigh Simmons (Colorado Department of Natural Resources)

- Structure from Motion for Civil Design & Engineering: How Pix4D and consumer grade sensors are advancing traditional land surveying - Jonathan Ellinger (S&F Land Services)

- Aligning PPK Geotags to Local Vertical CRS Without Ground Control - Jack Wilcox (Wingtra)

- Achieving and certifying survey-grade accuracy with the Phantom 4 RTK and Pix4D - Logan Campbell (Aerotas)



- Drone Mapping of California wildfires: Prevention and Response - Gregory Crutsinger (Scholar Farms)

- Data processing & Fixed Wing drones can change Disaster response - Darshan Divakaran (NCDOT)

- Forensic Scene in Darkness with sUAS - Douglas Spotted Eagle (Sundance Media Group)

- Innovating Humanitarian Response & Disaster Management through Drones - Hyun Choi (Altohelix)

Parallel Sessions


- Proof of concept: modeling buildings for architectural design - Dan Kemme (Dekker/perich/sabatini)

- Rebuilding historic sites in 3D and augmented reality using drone imagery - Jim Casey (Freelancer)

- Using Pix4D for REPI easement monitoring in the Mojave Desert - Philip Murray (Cardno)

- Pix4D in archaeological sites in Latin America - Alvaro Ruiz (Coatzadrone)


- Radiometry for multispectral analysis - Klaus Schneider-Zapp - Technical Lead (Pix4D)

- Insights from the Drone Uses for Agriculture Roadshow - Trevor Witt (Kansas State University)

- Effective Agronomic Scouting Methods - Andrew Newsum (Indigo)

- Enabling Scale in Agriculture - Matt Isenbarger (AeroVironment)

18:30 - 20:00


Christina Gkintzou
Technical Support Manager - Pix4D

09:00 - 09:20 - Behind the scenes with the Pix4D Support Team - Christina Gkintzou, Technical Support Manager (Pix4D)

09:20 - 09:40 - Unlocking Pix4Dmapper's Toolbox - Jeff Miller - Technical Trainer (Pix4D)

09:40 - 10:00 - An introduction into thermal imaging - Klaus Schneider-Zapp, Technical Lead (Pix4D)

Parallel Sessions


- Thermal Considerations for Aerial Modeling - Randall Warnas (FLIR Systems)

- Mapping the Pitch Dark Entrails of the Earth - Nicolas Rey (Flyability)

- Solar Array Treeline Shade Model - John Plymale (Ewe AV)

- Utilizing Reality Modeling to Improve Bridge Inspection Results - Barritt Lovelace (Collins Engineers)


- Marrying Drones and VR/AR with Pix4D in the Classroom - Chris Strasbaugh (The Ohio State University)

- Integrating Pix4D into College Accredited Classes - Mike Davis (Columbia Gorge Community College)

- Teaching a New Workforce about Photogrammetric Fundamentals and UAS Data Collection Workflows
Joseph Cerreta (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)

- Preparing scholars to be ``UAV Career Ready`` - Jacquene Curlee (Kids Drone Zone)

- Bridging a Skills Gap in UAS Data Collection and Analysis into an accredited Aviation and Aerospace Science program - Josh Noel (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch break

Parallel Sessions


- Image Acquisition Techniques and Relative Accuracy: How to Take Great Photos for Pix4D Processing
Neal Carter (Kineticorp)

- Innovative Techniques and Practical Workflows for 3D Visualization Projects - Mark Johnson (Visual Law Group)

- A more accurate processing of crash scenes while saving valuable time - Andrew Klane (Forensic Mapping Solutions)

- A silk purse from a sow's ear - Making an actionable 3D product of a major aircraft accident site from poor image acquisition - Bill English (NTSB)


- Solving Civil Engineering and Surveying Challenges with UAS - Justin Jenkins (Ensign Engineering)

- Complex Vertical Photogrammetry - Capturing Rockfaces in the Rocky Mountains for Geohazard Analysis - Jon Altschuld (Chinook Landscape Architecture)

- How to model complex areas to produce low noise, high quality 3D Textured Meshes - Paul Aitken (DroneU)

Parallel Sessions


- A Pix4D toolset for automating 1mm accuracy. Use case: 15th century stone wall mapping - Ken Varner (Vaireco)

- Collaborative mixed reality with Pix4D-generated 3D mesh models to create shared immersive experiences - Scott Aldridge (CDM Smith)

- Digital Slope Hazard Mapping and Risk Assessment - Ian Thompson (Civil Geotechnical Consultants)



- Large scale cliff face modelling - Will Heesterman (The Surveying Company)

- Supporting Solid Waste Engineering with Pix4D and Aerial Drones - Sean Christian (Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts)

- The Potential of UAS for enhancing/validating SLAMM model predictions of Sea Level Rise and Coastal Wetland Migration Pathways - Scott Graves (Southern Connecticut State University)

South Tower, 999 18th St, Denver, CO 80202, USA

The rayCloud editing tips & tricks workshop is intended to review suggested workflows for editing the dense point cloud with the intent of improving the 3D textured mesh, DSM and orthomosaic. We will review processing options for point cloud generation and strategies to produce cleaner point clouds, in addition, to clean up “noise” when necessary.

- Better understand sources of point cloud noise within a Pix4D project
- Review Keyboard Shortcuts to streamline data selection & rayCloud navigation
- Review Point Cloud Classification steps, with focus on Ground and Road Surface classes
- Practice Point Cloud editing with sample data

1) Introduction
2) Point Cloud Examples
3) Data capture suggestions
4) Processing Options review
5) Point cloud classification
6) Point cloud editing tools

Featured speakers 2019

Over two days a lineup of users mapped out their real-world experiences with Pix4D. Different applications, different industries, all fascinating.

Will Heesterman

Surveyor - The Surveying Company

Nicolas Rey

Lead Engineer - Flyability

Jack Willcox

Support Engineer - Wingtra

Scott Aldridge

Senior Manager - CDM Smith

Chris Strasbaugh

Digital Archivist - The Ohio State University

Neal Carter

Principal Engineer - Kineticorp

Mark Johnson

CEO - Visual Law Group

Chris Anderson

CEO & Founder - 3DR

Andrew Klane

Managing Partner - Forensic Mapping Solutions

Joseph Cerreta

Assistant Professor - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Mike Davis

Professor - Columbia Gorge Community College

Jon Altschuld

Principal - Chinook Landscape Architecture

Gregory Crutsinger

Founder - Scholar Farms

Barritt Lovelace

Regional Manager - Collins Engineers

Paul Aitken

Founder - Drone U

Jonathan Ellinger

Remote Sensing Manager - S&F Land Services

Ian Thompson

Director - Civil Geotechnical Consultants

Dan Kemme

Principal - Dekker, Perich, Sabatini

Bill English

Senior Investigator - NTSB

Scott Graves

Professor - Southern Connecticut State University

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